Integrate InRule into Applications with irSDK®

InRule’s SDK, irSDK®, has extensive APIs that were created by developers for developers, so they’re intuitive and easy to use. irSDK also includes sample projects and code examples to accelerate the learning process. With irSDK you can tailor InRule to fit into your applications and environments with broad and deep object models.

Runtime Integration API

  • Call the rule engine in as few as five lines of code
  • Pass existing.NET object and XML documents to the rule engine – no translation layer required
  • Capture detailed rule execution times, rule evaluations, state changes and much more
  • Override database and web service endpoints to target different environments
  • Optimize performance and flexibility with granular rule application cache control

Design-time Integration API

  • Create and modify rules programmatically – anything you can do in irAuthor can be done in code
  • Build custom authoring controls on top of InRule’s authoring classes
  • Embed the WPF controls from irAuthor into custom authoring applications

irCatalog API

  • Promote rules from one irCatalog instance to another (e.g. Staging to Production)
  • Save rules from irCatalog to the file system or vice-versa
  • Check-in, check-out and rollback rules

irAuthor Extensions

  • Tailor irAuthor to suit the needs of rule authors with a few lines of code
  • Add or remove user interface elements like ribbon tabs, buttons and menu items
  • Override content controls and replace the navigation bar