InRule process automation helps Getinge to quality-assured, supply chain process for vital equipment
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Quality Assured, Supply Chain Process – for Getinge Vital Equipment

Getinge Sterilization produces equipment for healthcare. Their machines are used, among other things, to clean instruments used in operations. Therefore, they must always work flawlessly in order to not endanger any human lives. The company has about 300 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 700 million.

After initial contact with Getinge, a need to gain better control over ongoing projects was identified. Above all, there was a desire to get an overview of projects to see if they were progressing according to plan or not – in order to be able to flag early for possible delays. The project group quickly decided to use InRule to ensure the quality of its entire supply- chain flow.

The Getinge supply-chain process results medical equipment functioning properly in all situations. Containing five sub-processes, each represents essential sub-steps identified by Getinge. Each sub-process, in turn, describes what happens during the various sub-steps at a detailed level.


As Getinge chose to put in operation its supply-chain process in InRule process automation, they ended up with a much safer and more efficient process. At the user level, they now have a tool that helps users in their daily work.

They no longer need to hunt for the right information; they have everything they need for each task, such as a description of the task and all the essential information regarding the machine manufactured.

Those who have a greater overall role in the process – for example, project managers or managers – InRule process automation gives them a quick and simple indication of how their ongoing projects are progressing.

Previously, this control was done through an Excel file, which was sent back and forth among employees; difficult to handle and messy. No-one knew how things really looked when it came to projects.


In less than one quarter’s time, Getinge implemented an operable process with five subprocesses and about 20 different roles. The time it takes to produce a new machine has shortened significantly, thanks to the automated information hand-overs. Those in charge have control over the process while everyone involved has gained more order in their daily work.

Now everyone involved in Getinge’s supply chain process knows what they’re expected to do, when they’re expected to be finished as well as what happens in the process when they’ve carried out their tasks.

With InRule process automation, Getinge also has a process that is measurable. Among other things, they’re provided with figures that indicate the amount of time they spend on the various steps in the process, which previously they only had a skewed view of. Now they can easily identify bottlenecks, as well as administer and change the underlying process on their own so that they always work efficiently.


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