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A Deep Dive into the Total Economic Impact™ of InRule®

Excerpts From a Forrester Consulting Study Reveal How InRule Delivered a 421% Return on Investment The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, commissioned by InRule and conducted by Forrester Consulting, looks at the benefits, cost-savings, and ROI of InRule’s...

More Trust. Less Risk. How AI Decisioning Enhances Customer Experience and Improves Business Outcomes

Savvy enterprises know that they need to take advantage of AI to delight customers and enhance business outcomes. What’s often less clear is how to accelerate ROI of these deployments while mitigating risks often associated with automation technologies. Join special...

Ethical, AI-Powered Automation: Your Questions Answered

How can AI-powered automation that combines machine learning, process automation and digital decisioning help your organization reduce risk, streamline operations and deliver an outstanding customer experience? Join InRule for a discussion diving into the...

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