Workshops & Service Offerings

InRule offers a pipeline of workshops and service engagements that move the needle on business transformation and automation goals.


For each project, it’s important for stakeholders to agree on why they are doing it, the problem they aim to solve and how success will be defined. At “go-live” everyone will know why something is better and how it impacts the goals of the business.


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Explore what success looks like. Self-assess your Decision Management practice and discuss what’s next.

Assumptions and Strategy

Agree on the problem. Articulate assumptions, risk and goals as a team and share what success looks like.

Decision Discovery

Discover decisions within business processes and architectural patterns.

Proof of Discovery

Demonstrate solutions for critical risks and integration.


Training and direct services engagements

Decision Modeling

Articulating decisions through KPIs, models, notation, schemas and vocabulary.

Rule Author Training

Host us at your location or on-line for targeted author training and best practices.

Technical Training

Host us at your location (or virtually) for targeted technical training covering security, host, integration and the SDK.

Rule Writing

Host us at your location (or virtually) for rule writing practice and solution acceleration.

Technical Integration

Let us guide you through your integration steps and/or do the heavy lifting for you.


Service Engagement


Practice production delivery, change, requirements and business transformation programs.


Practice measuring and improving outcomes to solve business problems.