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Deliver on Your Digital Mission.

With unparalleled transparency and auditability, InRule Technology helps public sector agencies around the world quickly meet constituent needs while keeping up with the demands of rapidly evolving mandates and regulations.

A secure, scalable solution to transform citizen service delivery

Modernize and accelerate each step in delivering services to your constituents. From program eligibility determination and claims processing, to creating self-service applications and benefits calculations, InRule Technology provides intelligence automation that makes it easy to put Policy into Practice®. Our software makes it easy to create configurable, dynamic applications that delight citizens and make it easy for subject matter experts to keep up with evolving regulations.

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Security is Paramount

We value the integrity of your constituents’ data as much as you do. Mitigate risks related to security, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity. Our service delivery is ISO 27001 or SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant.

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Compliance with Confidence

InRule ensures regulatory compliance by bringing consistency and transparency to automated decisioning and processes. Ensure that every constituent is treated the same and have confidence that logic and workflows deliver the intended outcomes.

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Simplify Eligibility Determination

Quickly qualify applicants and validate their identification and eligibility status by automating the complex logic and workflows that power social services programs.

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Automate to Satisfy Constituents and Staff

Automating complex logic and workflows ensures responsiveness to constituents’ queries and allows agency employees to focus on more critical, less tedious, tasks.

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Improve the Services You Deliver to the Public

InRule proudly empowers public sector agencies at the local, state and federal level to serve constituents through social services and programs within:

Oklahoma Healthcare Authority (OHCA) Delivered First Real-Time Eligibility System with InRule

Oklahoma was the first state to implement a web-based, fully automated, real-time eligibility determination system. The system – powered by InRule Decisioning – has dramatically reduced costs and improved enrollment. The new system saves OHCA $18 million each year.

With InRule, “We changed how Medicaid works. Soon we can change the way government works.”

–Rules Engine and Data Exchange Manager, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Simplify and Centralize Complex Logic

InRule provides decision automation for a variety of applications including eligibility determination, benefits calculation, and claims processing. InRule centralizes decision logic, creating a single source of truth that enables subject matter experts to manage business rules without programmer intervention. With InRule, changes can be made to systems more quickly and with greater accuracy.

Deliver World-Class Benefits and Case Management

Automate workflows associated with constituent onboarding to simplify collection and processing of information for social services programs. Leverage process automation for claims processing and other traditionally paper-based processes. Boost citizen satisfaction while optimizing back-end processes.

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Reduce Fraud and Optimize Services with Machine Learning

Transparency builds trust and InRule Machine Learning helps public sector agencies leverage the power of predictions to improve citizen response times, reduce fraud and drive better agency outcomes. Built in bias-detection helps ensure models are free from harmful bias.

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