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The Real
ROI of InRule

See how InRule delights customers and improves business outcomes with no-code decision and process automation.

InRule makes automation accessible for customers

Making automation accessible is at the heart of everything we do. We’re honored that our platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and governments for use in mission-critical applications. But what sort of measurable value can organizations realize by deploying InRule to automate workflows and business rules? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to help quantify the true impact of InRule.


Reduction in development time for complex rules


Benefits Present Value


Net Present Value

<6 MOS


Time saved modifying rules:


Increase in profit gains due to greater rules sophistication:


Total ROI:





“[InRule is] a low maintenance product. It just doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep it performant, it sits there and works. The only ongoing effort we apply into it is the authoring of additional rules.”

— Project manager, financial services

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Benefits Present Value (PV)

The present or current value of (discounted) cost and benefit estimates given at an interest rate (the discount rate). The PV of costs and benefits feed into the total NPV of cash flows.

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Net Present Value (NPV)

The present or current value of (discounted) future net cash flows given an interest rate (the discounted rate). A positive project NPV normally indicates that the investment should be made unless other projects have higher NPVs.

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Payback Period

The breakeven point for an investment. This is the point in time at which net benefits (benefits minus costs) equal initial investment or cost.

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Time Savings

Savings shown separately for both initial rule creation and rule modification. Assumes one full-time employee involved in rule creation and modification.

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Return on Investment (ROI)

A projects expected return in percentage terms. ROI is calculated by dividing net benefits (benefits less cost) by costs.

InRule positively impacts key enterprise metrics


in savings from retiring legacy solutions

increase in profit from greater rules sophistication

benefits you can’t quantify

In addition to measurable benefits, InRule provides countless benefits that can’t be quantified, such as:

Increased Transparency and Agility

Transparency and explainability mean confidence in  automated decisions and ensure a fast response to evolving marketplace conditions.

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Elevated Customer Experience

It’s easier to delight customers when you have more accurate processes and decisions and greater insights into customer needs.

Enhanced IT/Business Relations

Empowering the business to own rule delivery (rather than IT) results in more successful outputs and alleviates pressure on IT teams.

“InRule provides the scalability to meet the demands of the future as our customer base grows.”

— Head of IT application architecture, insurance

Get the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

We had Forrester Consulting conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of InRule in order to examine the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying our platform. Discover the power of InRule.

Results are based on a composite organization created from interviews with active customers and are based on a three-year timeframe.