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Strategic Decisions
Made Simpler

InRule’s AI Decisioning platform allows enterprise architects to build a cohesive, integrated ecosystem of platforms, applications, and systems. The combined solution better automates mission-critical decisions, processes, and machine learning models, driving down costs and reducing risk. Don’t settle for detached off-the-shelf products that only create misery.

Enabling Enterprise Architects with Enterprise-Proven Automation

Discover why enterprise architects around the globe and across more than 500 companies trust InRule to help them solve complex challenges, connect teams and reduce costs and risk with our AI-powered, no-code, AI decisioning platform. 

Empower All Users with No-Code Automation

Off-the-shelf software is often built to accommodate the broad masses and doesn’t consider the technical ability of all users. Empowering business users to customize and tailor business applications without IT support is one of the main reasons leading companies turn to InRule.

With InRule, the business can, with or without IT support, launch digital, automated decisions, workflows, and machine learning models and quickly eliminate time-consuming activities, manual handovers, and spreadsheets.

comparable computeres
Integrated devices

Integrate and Connect Data Sources with Ease

Most companies have an abundance of systems that need to communicate with each other; however, some do not. With a detached technology portfolio, challenges arise often as data is smeared across various systems. These challenges impede your business from operating at full speed.

With InRule, there are several ways to integrate and connect your data silos and other systems including native integration, REST APIs, and more. Doing so creates a single source of truth for your organization, increases data quality and enables better tracking of metrics and KPIs.

Eradicate Shadow IT and Modernize Legacy Systems

Most companies struggle with legacy software and shadow IT. Shadow IT and legacy systems erode scarce resources and increase security hazards. These struggles often derive from growing business needs and resource-deprived IT departments.

InRule modernizes outdated legacy systems, consolidates and integrates disparate IT systems, and scales out and up across the organization. Maximizing technology investments and making it easier for the business and IT teams to develop, maintain and report on applications.

leaving legacy tech behind


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