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Better Claims Ratios.
Reduced Risk.

From product development and underwriting to compliance, risk evaluation and fraud detection, insurance organizations around the world trust InRule to automate their mission-critical decisions, predictions and processes.

Empowering insurance experts with NO-code automation

Population growth, climate change, increased regulatory complexity and demand for self-service, personalized, omnichannel experiences are placing new demands on insurers. InRule Technology makes it easy to detect, respond to and even take advantage of changing conditions – enhancing your application investments and accelerating delivery of compelling products and services that build trust with both customers and regulators.

Integrates with Everything Enterprise

Modernize legacy systems without excessive cost and complexity. And as events and attitudes evolve, quickly make updates in one place—without having to redeploy the applications that rely on those updates—and rapidly innovate across channels.

Reduces Risk and Improve Transparency

Existing and emerging legislation are pointing toward greater transparency in AI-enabled applications. Maximize explainability and auditability for your mission-critical decisions, predictions and processes with InRule Technology.

Provides Security and Scalability

Service delivery is SOC 2 Type II or ISO 27001 compliant and done through 24/7 automated monitoring, alerting and response. In addition, InRule Technology is backed up by 24/7 technical support that includes continuous availability of engineering resources.

Enables Consistently Actionable Regulatory Compliance

While achieving regulatory compliance can be complicated and expensive, the alternative is nearly three times as costly. Ensure teams provide consistent, compliant information regardless of channel.

Helps Deliver Personalized, Contextually Rich Experiences

Enhance out-of-the-box and legacy applications to build engagement strategies that foster loyalty – without the cost and complexity of platform customizations.

Trusted. Proven. InRule for Insurance

Insurance organizations around the world trust InRule to automate their mission-critical decisions, predictions, and processes. For better claims processing solutions, faster rating and underwriting, and to better manage risk and regulations, insurance companies turn to the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform.

Watch the video on the left to discover how our unique solution empowers insurance organizations to realize measurable business results.

Insurance Building

InRule has been Powering the Business of Insurance Since 2002

Insurance carriers around the world rely on InRule for a range of insurance applications, including:

  • Quoting and underwriting
  • Rating
  • Forms selection
  • Commission calculation
  • Document decomposition
  • Claims processing

Discover How Tokio Marine HCC Modernized its Underwriting and Policy Administration Platform to Maintain its Competitive Edge

Tokio Marine HCC has offices in approximately 180 countries and offers more than 100 classes of specialty insurance products and services. To remain competitive and compliant, Tokio Marine HCC’s Cyber and Professional Lines Group (CPLG) sought to modernize its underwriting and policy administration platforms and bring automation to traditionally manual processes.

The CPLG team deployed InRule Decisioning to power auto-rating and auto-underwriting for its cyber insurance offerings. Today, more than 90% of CPLG now runs on InRule.

Tokio Marine

The automated rating and underwriting functionality powered by InRule “… are the key pieces of our platform which allow us to make better decisions for our core business and build out complex and dynamic logic with ease.”

Jamie Kinsley, Senior Vice President of Technology and Product Management


The Right Decision at the Right Time. Every Time.

In the insurance industry, rules and regulations govern key business processes and decisions, including accounting, policy management and issuance, reporting, underwriting, rating and claims adjudication. InRule can effectively automate decisions and rules, including those related to customer and employee onboarding and document routing, while enabling compliance with rules and regulations that vary by geography and effective date.

InRule puts actuaries, underwriters and other subject matter experts in charge of managing the logic they understand best.

Transparent conversation

Transparency Builds Trust

Leading insurance carriers leverage machine learning to enhance business outcomes and boost customer loyalty. ML can identify inefficiencies in claims processing and aid processing prioritization by scoring and triaging risks. Additionally, ML algorithms can help forecast claims volume, identify anomalies for fraud detection, and deliver personalized recommendations and offers for customers.

InRule Machine Learning has built-in bias detection designed to ensure predictions are free from harmful bias. And AutoML capabilities allow experienced and novice users to quickly build and deploy AI-powered applications.

active office

Reduce Friction and Accelerate Every Stage of the Policy Lifecycle

From customer onboarding to claims processing and fraud management, eliminate clunky manual steps, build compliant exception handling and automate repetitive workflows with simple to use, no-code, drag-and-drop tools.

With integrations for DocuSign, Adobe Sign, UiPath, and more, InRule Process Automation enhances customer engagement, reduces risk and empowers teams to spend more time deepening customer relationships rather than focused on repetitive, error-prone manual processes and tasks.

All Reward. No Risk.

Automation Means Consistency and Compliance

Create a single source of truth for the logic, decisions and processes that power your business. Increase collaboration and deliver the same outcome, regardless of channel.

Streamline Claims Processing and Reporting

Automate complex logic for claims adjudication without code. Provide management with visibility into the business logic that drives claims processing.

Optimize New Product Rating

Speed time to market for adding new products to your portfolio by empowering business users to write, test and deploy rating logic. Ensure compliance with regulations.

Keep Up with the Speed of Business

Rapidly test new products and create innovative upsell strategies that easily comply with complex regulations, policies and eligibility requirements.

Create Personalized Customer Experiences

Imagine knowing what a customer will want, prefer or need. Dramatically improve customer experience with real-time data fueling sub-second recommendations and decisions.

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