Gain Greater Understanding of Your Data Pipeline by Integrating InRule with Your ETL Solution

Data spread across disparate systems generally slows the speed of business and hinders the enterprise from solving critical business problems. ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technology moves data from multiple sources into a single source. Once there, data quality can be improved and answers to strategic questions can be found using analytics and reporting.

While ETL offers significant promise, challenges remain. For example, simple mapping often breaks down because business data is hierarchical and involves complex sets of data. Moving and changing this complexity requires significant developer involvement for coding and logic creation, and increases project cost and time. When you add in unknown or changing requirements, these efforts slow as activities swirl through many iterations. Moving the problem closer to business owners reduces effort and accelerates iterations.

When InRule’s Decision Platform sits at the center of an ETL solution, it’s much easier to understand how data moves through the pipeline. While in flight, data is not just going from point A to B, it’s also creating opportunities to solve real business problems such as program eligibility, product offers, fraud detection, complex data cleansing scenarios, and much more. Using InRule for ETL solutions provides significant lift on the most critical business problems affecting your customer journeys and business metrics.

InRule easily integrates with many ETL suites, including Informatica’s PowerCenter. We would love to share our experiences with you.

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