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Enhance Your ETL Solution with InRule

Normalize, enhance, and better understand how your mission-critical data moves through your pipeline. InRule can enhance ETL solutions to better solve real-world problems such as loan origination, insurance rating, and eligibility determinations.

Leverage Data to Acquire Customers, Grow Revenues

Unstructured data smeared across various data sources creates confusion, slows down your business and creates missed opportunities to acquire customers and grow revenues. By leveraging the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform users can easily and quickly extract, transform, and load data to any application or warehouse required, allowing businesses to take advantage of market conditions and better serve customers.

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Extract Data from Anywhere

Leverage InRule’s rich native integrations or REST services to extract data from one or multiple data sources and compile in one centralized location where users from across the organization can access.

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Transform and Enhance Your Data

The InRule Intelligence Automation Platform stars in the transformation phase as it allows organizations to normalize unstructured data sets and enhance them with missing data points, allowing organizations to make the most out of their data.

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Flexible, Centralized Data

InRule grants users the flexibility to gather data and store it wherever they need it even if you don’t have the time or ability to transform and structure it first—providing immediate access to information whenever you need it. InRule centralizes all data into a repository creating full transparency and traceability across the organization.


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