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Why Do Automation Projects Fail?

Automation is a vital part of modernizing our industries and driving progress. But despite its many benefits, automation projects often fail. Somewhere between 30-50% of automation projects fail, according to a recent Ernst & Young report. In this episode, we will...

ChatGPT – The Limitations and the Answer to What it’s Trying to Solve

Guest: Danny Shayman | InRule Although it has not been around long, ChatGPT does not need an introduction. But beyond the hype, there are both challenges and limitations that do not get the attention they should. Therefore, we invited Danny Shayman, Machine Learning...

Can we get ahead of the problem? IFRS 9 and expected credit loss (ECL)

Guest: Jakob Lavröd | Entercard While there might be hard to find any excitement in an upcoming recession, we found Jakob Lavröd, a credit risk specialist from Entercard. Jakob is one of the few excited persons, and the reason for that is his passion for the IFRS 9...

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