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How To Overcome Legacy – with Jim Wilt

We're launching 2024 with the wisdom of Jim Wilt, who brings to light the ghostly world of legacy systems that haunt our industry. With his rich history as a chief architect and CTO, Jim shares tales from the front lines. Ranging from his bewildering Burroughs (now...

Connecting the Dots: Christer Berglund’s Vision of Enterprise Architecture

What if you could unlock the secrets of enterprise architecture and its pivotal role in digital transformation? That's exactly what we're exploring with our esteemed guest, Christer Berglund. As an experienced enterprise architect, Christer unravels the intricacy of...

The Global AI Race: A Comprehensive Analysis with Göran Lindsjö

Göran Lindsjö, a celebrated AI expert with an impressive career, grabs the spotlight in our latest podcast episode. He guides us on an expedition into the world of artificial intelligence, how humans tie into the loop, and the roles we could play alongside machines...

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