The Global AI Race. Why is Europe trailing behind other regions and how do we navigate the pressing topic of AI ethics?
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The Global AI Race: A Comprehensive Analysis with Göran Lindsjö

Göran Lindsjö, a celebrated AI expert with an impressive career, grabs the spotlight in our latest podcast episode. He guides us on an expedition into the world of artificial intelligence, how humans tie into the loop, and the roles we could play alongside machines come 2030. 

From his early beginnings at a small Swedish startup to becoming an advisor to international companies and public organizations, Göran presents unique perspectives on the extensive reach of AI.

Learn more about: 

  • AI development, in general
  • Hurdles the public sector faces concerning AI 
  • The global AI race between North America and Asia 
  • How does the European Union’s regulations and the integrity of its people affect the implementation of AI?
  • Europe is trailing behind other regions; why?
  • Is there an imminent convergence of the regions’ paths in AI development?

As we delve deeper, Göran underlines the potential impact of AI across diverse industries and regions. He highlights how generative AI could revolutionize professional efficiency and time management. Lastly, we navigate the pressing topic of AI ethics and potential misuse by authoritarian regimes and criminals, underscoring the importance of regulation.

Join us to take part in Göran’s advice to business leaders on AI adoption and hear about his dream podcast guests!


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