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Dynamic Surveys Minimize Response Fatigue

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-personalized world, presenting a customer with irrelevant or extraneous survey questions delivers an off-putting experience or worse, ensures survey abandonment and frustration on the part of the customer.

InRule makes it easy to do better by simplifying the creation of data- and logic-driven surveys and questionnaires that provide a dynamic, personalized user experience, ensuring that the required information is gathered seamlessly and painlessly.

Minimize Abandonment, Maximize Information-Gathering

InRule-powered dynamic surveys ensure that only the most relevant questions are asked of each respondent. This reduces abandonment rates and results in higher quality data since the responses provided are being given only by those best qualified to answer the question.

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Improve Data Integrity with Personalization

Beyond reducing abandonment rates, personalized surveys improve the quality of the data collected, minimizing the need for team members to revisit responses for clarification or further input.

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Test and Publish Questions without Developer Support

InRule allows business users to manage complex logic in the language of the business and test the survey to ensure the logic flows as intended.

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Reduce Question Overload with CRM Integration

Minimize survey duration by including only questions related to CRM fields not already populated within the system.


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