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Meet Your New AI-Powered Business Buddy

Reinvent your ways of working through InRule’s AI Decisioning Platform. Combine process automation, decision automation, and machine learning to better discover and deliver business objectives and revenues.

Built for Business Analysts

Discover how InRule helps business analysts do more with our no-code, AI-powered, automation platform. By leveraging the power of integrated decisioning, process automation and machine learning, business analysts can deliver business objectives and revenue.  

Quality Assured With Integrated Data

Juggling multiple disparate systems each with its own sets of data creates confusion, slows down your projects and creates missed deliverables and revenues. The InRule® AI Decisioning Platform dismantles these obstacles by creating an integrated ecosystem that shares data and works together.

No more disconnected systems that result in manual data shuffling. Create a single source of truth with ready-made templates for integration and a well-documented APIs that get rid of all hassles. Integrate with your existing CRM, ERP, or other systems and build your one-stop shop for actionable data.

Integrated devices
IT professionals

Find Common Ground with IT

IT departments are under constant pressure to deliver solutions that resonate with the needs of the business. However, the business often adds to the IT departments workload with last minute changes and updates to business applications. With InRule’s AI Decisioning Platform, you’ll find common ground between the two departments. The ease of use, helpful tutorials, and modern interface will enable business analysts to create and automate decisions, processes, and machine learning models, without burdening the IT department.

Assign the Right Task, to the Right Person, at the Right Time

Whether a fully automated task or something that needs a human touch, it’s crucial to coordinate projects correctly. Empowering progress and momentum will help you mitigate scope creep and bottlenecks. InRule provides the right tools for a streamlined and efficient business.

Complex decisions, workflows and processes can be made accessible and understandable with InRule. Entrust your colleagues with the solutions of tomorrow – today.

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