Retail Express Lane

As consumer and shareholder expectations rise, so does the need to leverage dynamic technologies to meet them. InRule Technology empowers retailers with capabilities encompassing decision automation, process automation and explainable machine learning (ML).

Our powerful, yet accessible tools optimize supply chains while helping store staff delight customers, managers train and engage their teams and senior executives satisfy investors.

Excellence through end-to-end automation.

From inventory to sales to shipping to returns, InRule provides retailers a complete automation solution. Our codeless tools infuse AI capabilities throughout logistical, marketing and administrative operations. Our global users enjoy enhanced in-store and online sales, customer service, operational speed and efficiency. Not to mention quantifiable bottom-line ROI.

Better decisions faster.

Decision automation brings accuracy, consistency and lightning speed to a wide range of retail applications at massive scale.

Our decision platform empowers retailers to create automated decisions from a single source of truth to adapt to changing market conditions and customer sentiment.

Core use cases for automated decisions include:

  • Credit determination
  • Loyalty program eligibility
  • Import/export compliance
  • Return determinations
  • Supplier quality control

The power of future sight.

Machine learning offers retailers key advantages over those lacking its formidable prognostic capabilities.

Our suite of ML modeling engines provides operators not only valuable predictions, but also visibility to the decisions behind the outcomes. Predictions with the why® give confidence to organizations that their automated decisions are based on sound reasoning, with the influence of harmful bias mitigated.

Users can build ML models that yield actionable insights, informing such key areas as:

  • Fraud detection
  • Return preemptions
  • Logistics planning
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized offers

Do things right, instantly and every time.

Savvy retailers relieve store and administrative staff from the burden of repetitive, error-prone tasks. Process automation lets machines do what they do best, freeing humans to do what they do best.

Our process automation platform features a human-friendly interface that simplifies complex workflows across supply chains, departments and sales channels.

Widely used automated functions include:

  • Article change orders
  • HR onboarding
  • RFP processing
  • Catalog updates
  • Payments and collections

Case Study

See how a global leader in shopper behavior manages its hundreds of thousands of product panelists, surveys and logistical details through InRule.

“Decision logic could take six weeks to change before. Now we can make changes within a day.” 
Michael Wood, Global Development Director, Kantar Worldpanel (division of WPP)

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