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Enjoy Life in the Retail Express Aisle

Stay competitive in the hyper-competitive world of retail through the power of no-code automation. InRule Technology® connects business users with dynamic tools to improve operations, sales and both customer and employee satisfaction.

Speed Processes and Decisioning

The InRule® AI Decisioning Platform puts business and operational users in direct control of powerful automation tools. Users can author, test, deploy and manage complex decisions, rules and process automations, all without code.

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Non-Coders. Unburden IT.

Enable business and non-technical users and author, test, deploy and manage automated decision logic and processes using plain-language menus and commands – all without needing IT assistance!

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Know Your Customers, Now

Machine learning (ML) reveals customer data in granular detail, in real time. Hone media buys based on current-customer-base percentages across numerous demographic factors.

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Streamline Returns and Claims

Automate returned products and manufacturer claims to save people hours, eliminate processing errors and speed reimbursements.

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Enjoy Easy, Accurate Inventory Control

Retire paper and pen in favor of zeros and ones to save both hours and errors. Automate inventory management, from tracking to restocking, instantly and accurately, across far-flung outlets.

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Detect Fraud Instantly, Globally

Leverage powerful machine learning to determine legitimacy of credit and gift card purchases, instantly, accurately, at massive scale, across storefronts and time zones.

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Improving Operations Across Storefronts and Functions

The InRule AI Decisioning Platform provides forward-looking retailers a dynamic automation toolset to serve immediate needs and reach long-term goals.

  • HR Onboarding and Training
  • Returns and Claims Processing
  • Centralized Inventory Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • Credit Ratings and Approvals

Explore the Platform

See How a Swedish Garden Retail Chain Claimed New Efficiency

A largely unrecognized issue among retail operators is claims resolution. Getting full, timely reimbursement for returned merchandise can be a complex process, requiring detailed documentation that often lies in disconnected silos. Granngården, a long-established Swedish home-and-garden retailer, attacked this problem head-on through InRule process automation.

Through end-to-end automation of their claims processing, they’ve reduced resolution time and errors. At the same, Granngården has raised their customer and employee satisfaction levels.

“We’ve already saved time and raised efficiency. Yet, we’ve got so much farther to go.”

Michael Wedin, Claims and Deviation Examiner, Granngården

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Drive Progress with Decision Automation

Operate at the speed of retail. Make key determinations instantly, accurately at massive scale and protected from harmful or unintended bias. Our human-centered decision platform and rules engine empower subject matter experts to directly author, test, deploy and maintain complex decision logic without needing code nor assistance from IT.

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Streamline Operations with Process Automation

Retire pen and paper in favor of zeroes and ones. Automate workflows and leverage the power of digital process automation to integrate your existing IT systems and encourage collaboration. Get rid of manual workarounds. Add decision automation and machine learning on top of automated processes to enjoy the wholistic benefits of AI decisioning.

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Big-Data Predictions with Explainable Machine Learning

See the future through a new and sharper set of eyes. Predictions with The Why® provide actionable insights based on relationship clusters derived from big-data sources. Forestall negative outcomes and convert them to positive ones.

Humans in the Loop

Exception Handling

InRule keeps humans in control. Easily divert unique applications and queries at any step of decision logic.

Plain Language Commands

Construct complex decision logic through dropdown menus and plain-language commands such as if/then, and/or, above/below, etc.

Realtime Customer Intelligence

Know your customer base now. Machine learning reveals actionable customer and user intel through real-time, granular demographics.

Errorless Operations

Save time and costs associated with clerical and administrative errors. Automate repetitive, detailed functions, without requiring IT assistance.

Harmful-Bias Alerts

Explainable AI provides transparency in decision automation and machine learning. Anomaly detection alerts to biases that may lead to undesired outcomes.

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