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Boost Your Results
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Surpass business goals through user-ready decision automation. Delight consumers. Promote loyalty. Drive engagement. Prevent churn. Eliminate errors and delays. See granular detail as well as very big pictures derived from big data. Reap the many benefits of AI decisioning, the unique, wholistic automation solution from InRule.

Line of Business Leader Approved.

Line of Business Leaders worldwide rely on InRule’s AI Decisioning platform to streamline operations, drive revenue and reduce risk. Business units are empowered with AI-powered decisioning, process automation and explainable machine learning to better achieve company goals.

See why InRule is widely trusted by business leaders across 500 organizations by watching the video.

Empower Business Experts While Unburdening IT

InRule puts the power of wholistic automation into the hands of those best informed to wield it. Accessible decisioning, machine learning and process automation tools enable business and non-technical users to create, test, deploy and manage complex automations, without code or IT assistance.

Act, react and plan with confidence at the speed of business. Leverage no-code tools to seize opportunities, limit losses and maintain competitiveness.

IT professionals
Business Professional

Leverage Big Data to Enhance Performance

The InRule AI Decisioning Platform yields real-time data and metrics for such immediate functions as preventing customer churn, prompting engagement and detecting fraud. InRule Machine Learning analysis can forecast inventory needs, future buying trends and prime expansion locations, among many other long-range applications.

Leverage the combined power of AI decisioning to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, increase revenue, save money and maximize your tech ROI.

Make the Most of Existing Platforms

Ease promotes adoption. The InRule AI Decisioning Platform meets users right where they are. Business experts and IT staff can leverage InRule to manage complex workflows and decisions within popular environments like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and more.

The InRule team is ready to show you how easy it is to incorporate any or all of the no-code AI tools comprising the AI decisioning platform. Care to treat your team to a free demo? Simply request one here.

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