CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote

From all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and automobiles, to laptops and vacation packages, buyers expect to customize purchases to their unique specifications, without having to wait hours or days to learn how their choices impact the total cost.

This presents a unique challenge to sellers who must be able to quickly and accurately define the price of a good or service against a constantly evolving range of variables.

The InRule Decision Platform can play a role in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications. By using business rules, you can guide customers through their options, simplifying the decision process so that they can quickly filter out non-essentials and select the highest priority options. Additionally, the InRule Decision Platform can also be used to provide recommendations and present options that buyers may not have considered.

The example below shows show how InRule can be used to provide recommendations for complimentary items:

CPQ Business Rule

InRule’s Decision Platform is currently in use across a range of CPQ applications. InRule powers the logic behind a straightforward specialty grocery e-commerce system, allows a UK-based financial planning services provider to customize solutions packages, and empowers field sales reps for a global commercial HVAC manufacturer to present customized on-the-spot pricing to prospects.

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