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Streamline Eligibility Determination with InRule

When determining if an individual qualifies for insurance coverage, HHS programs, or a mortgage or other type of loan, eligibility is driven by complex decision logic and workflows. The InRule® AI-powered Decisioning Platform empowers organizations to provide, customize and automate programs that support regulations, policies and desired business outcomes.

Qualify, Validate and Distribute Benefits Faster

An InRule-powered eligibility system qualifies applicants, validates their identification and determines eligibility of benefits. This approach improves efficiency by reducing costs associated with distributing benefits, increasing accuracy, and improving overall quality of service delivered by the administering agency.

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Easy Qualification Processes and Applications

The InRule® Business Rules Engine allows organizations and agencies to easily create dynamic questionnaires and self-service portals that are ideal for HHS programs, lenders or insurance organizations to register and qualify families and individuals.

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Determine Program Eligibility Accurately and Quickly

InRule empowers business users and subject matter experts to quickly and easily create decision logic that determines eligibility for families and individuals for benefits, service programs, loans or insurance coverage. Additionally, this ease of use allows for users to quickly update the decision logic when regulations change.

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Notify and Distribute Benefits Automatically

From start to finish the eligibility determination process can be long and arduous, but it doesn’t need to be this way. With InRule, users can create workflows the easily route the process from step to step and instantly notify and distribute benefits.


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