Understanding the InRule Business Rules Engine

AI-powered, decision automation – without code 

A Business Rules Engine (BRE) gives business, legal, administrative and IT staff direct control over automated decisions and rules. Non-technical and technical users can quickly create and manage parameters, or rules, impacting customer experiences, loan approvals, legal compliance and limitless other applications. 

Straightforward Rule Authoring
Straightforward Rule Authoring


Business Language Rule
Business Language Rule

Rules engines enable intelligent automation of… 

  • Product recommendations 
  • Benefit qualifications 
  • Legal notifications
  • Health and lifestyle tips 
  • Travel and lodging promotions 

     End-to-end rule control, from inception to execution 

    InRule Technology® provides a robust solution to create, modify, test and launch automated rules, quickly and within widely deployed platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics® 365 and Salesforce®. Our human-friendly AI tools allow users to: 

    • Author automated rules and decisions using plain-language dropdown menus.  
    • Test and verify that rules can be deployed with confidence. 
    • Execute rules anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud or via mobile. 
    • Choose from the widest decision sets for greatest agility and scalability.
    • Limit rule options by decision to ensure success of new users. 

       Sample applications: 

      • Create risk-detecting health tools. 
      • Present customers with curated product selections and add-ons. 
      • Offer individualized travel promotions. 
      • Instantly determine benefit eligibility. 
      • Manage insurance claim rating and underwriting, and processing.
      • Ensure adherence to business regulations by locality. 
      • Originate mortgages or other loans.
      Solutions Provided by InRule
      Solutions Provided by InRule

      InRule – providing end-to-end humanized automation  

      Allstate, Bank of America, Stihl, Wells Fargo and over 500 companies rely on the accessible and explainable AI solutions of InRule Technology. For over 20 years, we’ve extended the power of automated decisioning beyond IT to operations, HR, and other stakeholders within the business. Our intuitive platform infuses AI throughout organizations, promoting accuracy, customer satisfaction, employee retention, sales conversions, fraud reduction and swift response to changing market conditions. Find out what our dynamic products can do for you. Begin here.