Delight More Customers, Faster

“A loyal customer doesn’t consider alternatives.”

Loyalty programs are a tremendous draw for today’s consumers. In fact, three out of four consumers will favor a brand if there is a loyalty program that will reward them for their purchases (source).

However, from points calculation and expiration to member status, value-add promotions and more, the logic behind loyalty programs can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with and challenging to maintain.

InRule - Loyalty ProgramsInRule allows enterprises to simplify loyalty program management while allowing you to capture, improve and amplify customer intent. As a result, your organization can provide a delightful experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

By leveraging the InRule Decision Platform to manage loyalty program logic, you can deliver personalized experiences and promotions at scale, while making it simple and straightforward to add new offers, and manage criteria for discounts, member status, and points calculations.

For example, Oneida Nation Enterprises leverages InRule to manage points from transactions generated at more than 30 properties, including casinos, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, golf courses and spas. InRule centralizes the logic for the loyalty program and calculates member points based on total spend across 12 different systems within the Oneida Indian Nation’s business operations throughout central and upstate New York.

Additionally, some of the largest US- and UK-based airlines use InRule to manage the logic associated with their frequent flier programs. As demand fluctuates, these carriers quickly create new offers and update existing programs to reward their most frequent fliers.

Use Explainable Machine Learning Predictions to Identify the Best Targets for Promotions

To truly take your loyalty program to the next level, you can leverage our suite of modeling engines in xAI Workbench to obtain predictions that identify, for example, which program members are most likely to respond to a specific promotion or which customers are most likely to fade away.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our predictions with the why® go beyond the traditional outcome and a confidence score to deliver deeper understanding of the real factors influencing your business and how your customers engage – every single prediction, every single time.

These factors can be used with our powerful process and decisioning technologies to take action, such as sending precisely targeted, customized offers to customers – nurturing their likelihood to remain engaged or enticing them to take action.

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