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Increase Loyalty and Delight More Customers, Faster

Simplify loyalty program management with the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform by capturing, improving, and amplifying customer intent. By leveraging the power of automation for decisions, processes, and machine learning, companies can increase loyalty and reward customers, faster.

Reward Customers, Drive Business Results

Deliver an enhanced customer experience by creating a unique personalized loyalty program for each of your customers. By better understanding your customers through machine learning algorithms, companies can leverage insights based on consumer buying habits, preferences, and past behaviors. These informed, data-backed predictions empower organizations to make better offers and experiences that will keep customers coming back.

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Customize Customer Pricing and Offers

Create promotions based on buying behaviors. Provide dynamic pricing to increase the likelihood of purchases based on decision logic, not manual processes. Automate targeted, customized messages to provide offers and upgrades, increasing revenue and loyalty.

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Manage Frequent Member Benefits

Easily manage customer loyalty and member benefit points with automated business rules and processes that calculate, determine and distribute rewards to your customers.

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Drive Upsells Through Recommendations

Anticipate what customers want, prefer, or need, and improve your customer experience with real-time data fueling sub-second recommendations. Tap into these opportunities with machine learning and decisioning to drive customer upsells.

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Better Predict Customer Churn

Leverage machine learning insights and predictions to better understand the likelihood of customer churn, and identify opportunities to help increase the chances of retaining them.


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