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Apoteket Digitalizes Its Business and Replaces Several IT Systems


Why Apoteket started to look for a supplier who could help digitalize their business, was, first and foremost, because the old, sluggish systems in use were no longer sufficient: they were slow and communicated ineffectively. When internal processes of two separate projects in two different business areas were identified as having similar digitalization requirements, the need for a new solution became evident. InRule was among the candidates able to meet this need. Of importance was fulfilling the criterion of providing a platform that was able to support both projects in the two different business areas.


Although Apoteket is a modern company, often associated with simple, customer-friendly processes, on the inside, it was an entirely different story. One of the first processes Apoteket chose to digitalize was the “customer round”: a digital store-check, carried out at all 394 pharmacies each morning. Previously, this was done, using the “pen and paper” method. As such, Apoteket was unable to verify on any central level if, in fact, this was actually carried out. Nor could they get any input about any of the stores needing support in any way to better service their customers. Moving forward, Apoteket managed to implement applications, for a number of processes, in a short period of time, thus digitalizing the business – for real. Besides the customer round, it has also succeeded in creating up-and-running applications for erroneous dispatches, various incidents, complaints and auto-inspections. And so far, the journey has only just begun.


The time saved by digitalizing its processes is now used to focus on the customer experience and raise the quality in its work with several other processes. With the help of InRule, Apoteket succeeded in implementing as many as seven new applications in just ten months. This happened despite the fact that these initial projects normally take the longest to get going. By way of traditional methods, it can take months or years to just get a new system in place but with InRule’s three-step model, Apoteket was able to roll out several applications, which never would have been possible with earlier tools and systems.

  • Discover (Analyze)
  • Solution (Design, Validate, Implement)
  • Delivery (Check, Adjust, Improve)

Normally, it takes us just a few weeks or months and a few hundred hours to get an advanced application up and running; sometimes even as little as a few hours for a simpler support process. Why we can carry out the work so rapidly is because we based it on the use of a low-code platform. Instead of developing applications and IT support with complicated coding, a visual interface is used, where the application is “drawn” up with drag-and-drop features.

An additional advantage of model-driven development is the ability to involve the business. Coding is often difficult to understand, and therefore, difficult for an outsider to engage in. However, when IT support is developed with the help of visual models, it immediately becomes easier to get involved and influence development.


Oddly enough, it’s not always the business that’s in focus when implementing new systems or tools when it should be case, because, after all, the employees are the ones using it on a daily basis. However, Apoteket really challenged this mindset and now the business owns its own backlog. It’s able, on its own initiative, to develop and digitalize new processes, with utter ease, in a very short time.

“With InRule, we’re able to prioritize the processes in our business that we deem worthwhile digitalizing – everything to minimize waste, reduce handling time and improve monitoring opportunities.”

Åsa Åberg, Sales & Operational Development,
Apoteket AB


Apoteket faced multiple challenges previously including old, sluggish systems, manual processes, deficient monitoring and transparency, and long lead times. After implementing InRule, Apoteket reduced lead times considerably while putting the two old IT systems to rest. Furthermore, Apoteket now has a better overview and monitoring of processes. Operations take clear ownership and prioritize their own backlog. In a nutshell, Apoteket has modernized and future-proofed its way of working. Apoteket’s future with InRule shows no signs of lessening; if anything, the contrary. After the first applications were in place, the pace has speeded up and Apoteket only sees more and more areas for InRule.

“Something I’m grateful for every day is the simple follow-up we have with InRule. It facilitates my work enormously and gives me peace of mind.

Vicki Tomas, Sustainability and Legal Matters,
Apoteket AB

“With InRule, we’re able to prioritize the processes in our business that we deem worthwhile digitalizing – everything to minimize waste, reduce handling time and improve monitoring opportunities.”

Åsa Åberg, Sales & Operational Development,
Apoteket AB


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