In this episode of Humans in the Loop, Albert Bengtson, co-author of "Principles of the Intrapreneurial Capital," shares his actionable insights and inspiration to lead and innovate.
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How to Create a Culture of Intrapreneurship | Albert Bengtson

Have you ever wondered why large companies struggle to innovate as disruptively as startups? Join us for an insightful conversation with Albert Bengtson, co-author of “Principles of the Intrapreneurial Capital.” Albert sheds light on the critical importance of nurturing intrapreneurs within organizations and fostering a collaborative, learning-oriented culture. Discover why established companies need more than just good ideas—they need the right environment to let those ideas flourish.

Also in this episode:

  • Significant challenges that large corporations face in sustaining long-term innovation
  • From supportive governance structures to creating a psychologically safe environment
  • Key elements that can either drive or hinder progress
  • How risk-averse management styles can stymie innovation
  • Why companies must look beyond improving existing processes to genuinely disruptive change

Finally, we explore the stark contrasts between the dynamic world of startups and the stable ecosystems of large incumbents. Albert shares his views on how startups prioritize immediate financial needs and thrive on fast iteration instead of the budget-driven operations of larger firms. He also highlights influential readings that have shaped his perspective, ultimately concluding that true passion is the cornerstone of successful intrapreneurship.

Tune in to the latest episode of Humans in the Loop for actionable insights and inspiration to lead and innovate.


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