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Process Automation

S&P Global Market Insight Report: InRule Uses AI to Facilitate Intelligence Automation

S&P Global Senior Research Analyst Carl Lehmann prepared a Market Insight report detailing InRule's Intelligence Automation platform. Download the report to discover: InRule's approach to unifying explainable machine learning, automated decisioning and process...

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing an Automation Solution

Are you embarking on a digital transformation journey toward automation? As you begin the process of identifying and selecting a vendor you'll want to pay attention to several different points of interest. To better help you on your journey, we’ve put together an...

Leading Property Owners Skandia Fastigheter Eliminates Manual Tasks and Takes Ownership of Its Development

About Skandia  Skandia Fastigheter is one of Sweden's leading property owners, hosting buildings for offices, housing, shopping malls, and community properties. Its approximately 200 employees manage over 125 properties or 1.1 million square meters from offices...

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