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Can we get ahead of the problem? IFRS 9 and expected credit loss (ECL)

Guest: Jakob Lavröd | Entercard

While there might be hard to find any excitement in an upcoming recession, we found Jakob Lavröd, a credit risk specialist from Entercard. Jakob is one of the few excited persons, and the reason for that is his passion for the IFRS 9 framework.

How good will companies be able to manage and predict future losses? How much can we trust machines to do the work? Tune in to learn more about IFRS 9, where it came from, and the purpose of the framework. And also how the framework lets companies be more “creative” when predicting expected credit losses. As “generals always fight the previous war,” there is a particularly challenging time if financial institutes and companies turn to historical data to understand better how inflation affects. Is the data reliable, or has it been to much water under the bridge?

Listen to the full episode below. 


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