Legacy systems haunt most people in this day and age. Jim Wilt, with his rich history as a chief architect and CTO, helps us uncover this concept and how to prevent it.
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How To Overcome Legacy – with Jim Wilt

We’re launching 2024 with the wisdom of Jim Wilt, who brings to light the ghostly world of legacy systems that haunt our industry. With his rich history as a chief architect and CTO, Jim shares tales from the front lines. Ranging from his bewildering Burroughs (now Unisys) legacy code encounters to how generative AI might be the herald of a new era for these ancient digital beasts.

As we peel away the mystery of outdated systems, we delve into the gritty realities faced by the developers who wrestle with them daily. Jim, and our host Olle Swedberg, dissect:

  • Values of NPS feedback loops
  • Lurking shadows of security vulnerabilities
  • The delicate dance between financial prudence and the urgent need for innovation
  • The importance of recognizing and empowering the unsung heroes of our tech world
  • Sleek customer interfaces hiding the legacy chaos churning beneath
  • The strategy of incremental improvement
  • And a lot more…

Listen in for a compelling conversation that might just transform how you view the past, present, and future of your company’s technological foundations.


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