When to buy and when to build an automation solution? That's one of the questions Boozt's CTO Tobias Sjölin is addressing in this episode of our podcast Humans in the loop.
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Exploring build or buy: insights from e-commerce Boozt’s CTO Tobias Sjölin

A phenomenal guest, Tobias Sjölin, the CTO of Boozt Fulfillment and Logistics, is joining us to kick off a new season. Tobias invites us into his universe and unravels the intriguing concept of ‘build or buy’ in multiple contexts. From houses and pizzas to diving deep into the intricate systems within the exciting world of being an e-commerce giant.

In this episode:

  • A firsthand look into Boozt’s journey through custom systems versus off-the-shelf solutions
  • The resilience it takes when your pioneering ideas are met with skepticism
  • Insights about digitalizing operations, optimizing processes, and delegating qualified tasks to free up team members
  • Automation and the importance of human-centric values
  • Creating a working culture that encourages employees to ask for help
  • The significance of customer feedback and learning from previous mistakes

And a lot more.

This episode is filled with tech insights, management philosophies, and personal anecdotes that you won’t want to miss.


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