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Public Sector: Department of Corrections

How InRule Helps Department of Corrections Organizations

Department of Corrections agencies trust InRule to manage the logic associated with: 

  • Sentence calculation or “timecomp”
  • Parole eligibility and duration

The rules that govern timecomp are extremely complex. A sentence can be reduced by credit for time served or good behavior or increased due to poor behavior or refusing drug or alcohol testing. In addition, in many states the rules that are used for sentence calculation change each year based on legislation and other factors.

There are also many rules associated with parole conditions, including duration of tracking and requirements such as drug testing, employment, and frequency of check-ins. Additionally, special conditions add complexity as well, such as mandates that prevent a parolee from possessing or having access to computers or the internet without permission from the supervising parole department. Rules also vary by state – further complicating matters.

InRule makes it easy for non-technical corrections personnel to create and manage the rules, calculations and logic that govern timecomp and parole. InRule also provides transparency into the rules that are in use, allowing corrections organizations to ensure that they are in compliance with the latest mandates and regulations.