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Public Sector: Department of Corrections

Managing Complexity in Corrections

Leverage the power of InRule no-code decision automation to flawlessly perform complex, high-stakes sentence calculations. Use machine learning for substantially more accurate risk scoring over manual assessments. The corrections departments of California and Michigan, comprising over 150,000 inmates, rely on InRule to accurately calculate every sentence. The combined powers of the InRule® Intelligence Automation Platform are primed for corrections-related applications, featuring:

Sentence Calculation or “Timecomp”

Accurately execute the high-stakes, highly complex job of sentence calculation and ongoing timecomp reductions or increases based on inmate behavior and earned credits.

Parole Eligibility and Duration

Leverage flawless automation to determine inmate parole eligibility date, conditions and duration based on orders of parole commission.

Risk Assessments

Employ powerful machine learning analysis to assess the risk of recidivism and alert prison staff of the need for interventional action to prevent violence and bad behavior.

Michigan Department of Corrections Uses InRule to Manage Offender TimeComp

The Michigan Department of Corrections is comprised of 22 correctional facilities and is tasked with managing the sentences of over 40,000 offenders.

Read the case study and discover how Michigan DOC leveraged InRule to transform its offender timecomp management system.