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Public Sector: Motor Vehicles

How InRule Helps DMVs

InRule is proven in State Department of Motor Vehicle applications from coast to coast.

By enabling the automation of many customer-oriented processes, including 24/7 online access to records and the ability to conduct renewals, update addresses, pay tickets or request a replacement license, InRule enables jurisdictions to meet customer expectations for self-service.

In addition, using InRule to power the logic behind a customer self-service DMV application also reduces the strain on DMV employees and allows them to focus on more complicated requests that require human interaction.

InRule meets the needs of financially constrained state governments by providing a business rules management system that reduces risk. By allowing non-technical users to author and modify the rules that govern all aspects of DMV processes, InRule puts subject matter experts in the driver’s seat – reducing the risk of costly errors.

Last but not least, InRule centralizes logic, making it easy to see which rules are in use at any time, promoting compliance with government-issued mandates and regulations.