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More Trust. Less Risk. How AI Decisioning Enhances Customer Experience and Improves Business Outcomes

Savvy enterprises know that they need to take advantage of AI to delight customers and enhance business outcomes. What’s often less clear is how to accelerate ROI of these deployments while mitigating risks often associated with automation technologies.

Join special guest Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri for a webinar highlighting trends in AI Decisioning. The session also features InRule Director of Solution Architecture Jason Farmer, who leads the discussion that explores:

  • What exactly AI Decisioning is and how it differs from machine learning;
  • Trends driving adoption of these powerful platforms;
  • Key considerations for taking advantage of AI Decisioning capabilities;
  • How conversational AI, including Chat GPT, fits into the equation;
  • The future evolution of AI Decisioning.

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