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Quantifying the Value of InRule

We surveyed our InRule User Community (IUC) to learn more about the specific benefits of implementing InRule. Tapping these IT leaders around the world, we wanted to take a fresh look at InRule and its value versus the traditional hard-coding approach.

The results reported within the survey were powerful—including the ability to reduce expenses, gain efficiencies, and become an even more valued asset to your organization.

InRule Users Save an average of $1,485,150

Choosing InRule over coding logic has saved our customers an average of $1,485,150.* There’s a story behind those numbers: InRule is designed for real-world business use, and can be customized to how your organization will use it in the long term.

And gain almost two full days back each week for their IT staff

InRule Time Savings

For IT professionals, updating calculations, decision logic and business rules can comprise a significant portion of their workload. In fact, 80% of InRule users reported updating rules at least weekly or monthly. That’s an expensive resource dedicated to a task that can easily be simplified. By allowing a subject matter expert (SME) to make updates directly, InRule is helping its users reduce development time by an average of 38% and annual maintenance time by 37%– giving their IT teams back almost two fulls days each week.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: Quantifying the Value of InRule.

* Total savings calculated based on an average savings of implementation and maintenance as reported by survey respondents, calculated over a 7-year lifespan, using an 8% discount rate to compensate for the time value of money (TVM). Source: 2021 InRule User Community Annual Survey


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