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U.S. Homebuilding Company Reduces Product Rules Development Time by 25%

A residential construction company prides itself as a market leader in building quality homes. The company has developed a reputation for stability and responsibility over the course of its lengthy history. The ChallengeThe company builds a variety of different types...

One Nordic Builds Applications in 2-3 Weeks

ONE Nordic uses InRule process automation as a strategic platform in its daily work. In just a few weeks, the company can create and develop applications that streamline various processes in its operations. The fact that we can quickly and effectively fill gaps in our...

Quality Assured, Supply Chain Process – for Getinge Vital Equipment

Getinge Sterilization produces equipment for healthcare. Their machines are used, among other things, to clean instruments used in operations. Therefore, they must always work flawlessly in order to not endanger any human lives. The company has about 300 employees and...

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