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Apoteket Digitalizes Its Business and Replaces Several IT Systems

THE CHALLENGE: OLD, SLOW SYSTEMS NO LONGER MEET APOTEKET’S NEEDS Why Apoteket started to look for a supplier who could help digitalize their business, was, first and foremost, because the old, sluggish systems in use were no longer sufficient: they were slow and...

Toi-Toys Move for Operational Excellence

Founded in 1991, Toi-Toys International is one of Europe’s largest importers and exporters of affordable toys for over 28 years. Its customer base comprises larger and smaller clients all over Europe, including retail chains, wholesalers, shop owners and food-service...

Essity Evolves Its Business with InRule

A global leading hygiene and health company headquartered in Sweden, Essity – formerly SCA – has been operating in the hygiene sector since 1975. Through acquisitions and consolidations, its roots actually stretch as far back as 1849. A business that produces...

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