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How are nonbank lenders using technology to gain market share?

According to Inside Mortgage Finance, six of the 10 largest mortgage providers in the U.S. are nonbank lenders.

  • How are nonbank lenders using technology to gain market share?
  • What are the tools that they are leveraging to meet customer demands while maintaining compliance with regulations?
  • What trends are driving the industry and how can lenders, bank and nonbank alike, be prepared for what lies ahead?

Join executives from BlackFin Group, a leading mortgage banking and financial services consultancy, and InRule, an enterprise software company trusted by lenders worldwide, for an on-demand webinar that will uncover the tech secrets of nonbank lenders. Learn about the trends driving lending and how nonbank lenders are capitalizing on these trends to drive magnitudes of growth and position their businesses to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Can you afford not to discover the tech tools and strategies required to compete against the top nonbank lenders?

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