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InRule® Empowers Personify Workflow Users

Business Rules Tailored for Unique Requirements

Personify, formerly TMA Resources, delivers the software, consulting, interactive web solutions, and cloud hosting solutions that help leading associations and other non-profit organizations optimize relationships to achieve sustainable success. Personify’s solutions help organizations better understand, track, and manage the individual interests, behaviors, and transactions of constituents in order to enhance loyalty, increase engagement, and grow revenues.

Personify Workflow

A manager for a non-profit organization logs into her computer to manage upcoming events. She opens her email, and sees that a number of new fundraising events have been proposed by various volunteers, and sees a quick run-down of the activities and anticipated funds that would be raised. She then opens her constituent relationship management system and quickly approves the events that meet their program standards, and notifies the organizers that additional information is required for others.

This manager is using a system powered by Personify Workflow that allows her to tailor the business rules for approving these events easily to meet her precise requirements. She doesn’t realize it because the integration is seamless, but she is using Business Language Authoring provided by InRule® from InRule Technology®, embedded within Personify.

The manager makes a small change to a business rule to route approvals to her supervisor during her upcoming vacation. InRule’s Business Language Authoring makes it easy, and within a few minutes her unique Personify Workflow interface shows her exactly what she needs.

“This is so easy!” she thinks. “What would we do without Personify?”

Seamless Integration

Personify Workflow is seamlessly embedded in the Personify development platform, giving organizations the ability to easily optimize the end user experience based on that organization’s own unique needs. Personify Workflow lets organizations change the user experience based on the type of record being managed, data stored in that record, or even the role of the end user based on Personify’s powerful Persona based architecture.

InRule, the premier .NET solution for authoring, managing and executing business rules, gives users the ability to quickly update and test changes to decision logic.

Why InRule

Personify looked at competing rule technologies and selected InRule for several reasons, including its native support for .NET. In addition, Personify appreciated the ease of embedding InRule within Personify. “We like that InRule is built to be embedded,” said Breeden. “We felt that other rule engines would be harder to embed, if in fact they could be embedded at all. With InRule, the integration is seamless, so customers don’t need to worry about where Personify ends and InRule begins, which is great for everyone.”

InRule’s flexibility let Personify embed the system in such a way that the standard Personify commands are available to the workflow engine, preserving the need for business logic to remain in the APIs of Personify. The workflow engine has an ever-growing library of Personify commands and functions that can be leveraged both in the Enterprise application as well as on the Web.

“With InRule, we give our customers the ability to use business language to tailor Personify to their individual needs. Customers can build powerful workflow without needing to write complicated SQL code, and easily visualize how their workflows will perform. This is a major differentiator for us.”

George Breeden, 
Director of Product Marketing, Personify


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