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Man vs. Machine: Three Key Findings From the Latest Research on Digital Transformation

New research from Forrester* shines a light on how enterprises currently use software to inform and automate operational decisions – and how they plan to handle the ever-increasing amount of decisions to be managed in the future to keep pace with customer demands and expectations. Is your organization ahead of the curve? Or are you falling behind others in your industry?

Join our guest Forrester VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer for a webinar as he reveals the findings of the survey of IT leaders. Rymer also shares his recommendations for how enterprises can accelerate their transformation into digital businesses.

The webinar also features InRule Co-Founder and CEO Rik Chomko who presents several real-world examples of deployments of the latest decisioning technologies to empower organizations to expedite entry into new markets while serving and retaining customers.

Forrester’s research uncovered that:

  • Thirty-three percent of organizations surveyed are already using Machine Learning and Deep Learning for operational decision making and
  • Forty percent of respondents are using Real-Time Event Processing.

Can your organization afford to be left behind?

*Step Into The New Era Of Digital Decisioning Platforms, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of InRule, August 2017


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