Built on and Optimized for .NET and .NET Core

The InRule Decision Platform includes a .NET Core rules engine that allows for business rule execution in a range of scenarios.

Support for cloud containers and Linux

.NET Core is an ideal way to run the InRule SDK on Linux and containers. It offers performance and 100% compatibility with our .NET Framework SDK. It’s time to realize the benefits of Linux without changing your rule applications.

 InRule fully leverages .NET Framework

Because InRule is the only commercial decision platform written from the ground-up in .NET, it’s easy for developers to tightly integrate InRule into any .NET application.

Call the rule engine in as few as five lines of C# code

  • Instantiate the rule engine in process
  • Generate irAuthor entities and fields from .NET classes including Entity Framework, POCO classes, etc.
  • Pass object instances to and from the rule engine at run time– no translation layer required