Ensure Business Logic is Auditable and Accessible

irCatalog® is InRule’s storage tool for organizing your automated business logic. It enables multiple users to work on different parts of a rule application simultaneously, while maintaining an audit record for overall organizational compliance.

irCatalog helps ensure the integrity of your rule applications by keeping everyone working on the most current version and tracking changes behind the scenes.

A versatile solution, users can configure irCatalog to store rules in SQL Server, Azure® SQL database or Oracle, whether on premises or in the cloud.

In addition, administrators can set up role-based permissions to prevent unauthorized access and deploy changes from one catalog to another without recompiling and no system downtime.

Accelerate Decision DevOps

It’s easy to integrate InRule into your continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) strategy. With out-of-the-box functionality and our extensive APIs, you can automate many functions, including:

  • Setting up alerts on catalog events via applications such as Slack, Teams or email
  • Distributing rule application information
  • One-click approval automation
  • Running regression tests and delivering detailed test reports
  • Automating enhanced obfuscation of JavaScript-based rule applications via an application like Jscrambler
  • Promoting rule applications after automated tests succeed

Learn more about our DevOps extension for irCatalog here.

Quickly Identify and Merge Changes

In addition to robust administration, repository and reporting features, combining irCatalog’s capabilities with our Merge extension for irAuthor® creates an intuitive user experience for visually identifying changes and selectively including them in a new, merged rule application.

irCatalog is a great tool for helping remote teams work together on business logic, maintaining auditability by tracking changes regardless of origin. To learn more, download our guide, Four Ways InRule Helps Distributed Teams Collaborate More Effectively.

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