Store and Manage Business Rules with irCatalog®

irCatalog® is a business rule management tool that provides a central location to manage business rules and ensure the integrity of business rules, keep everyone working on the latest version of rules, and promote sharing of common rules across customers, processes or applications.

Centralized management of enterprise business rules

  • Store business rules in a central location for access by any authorized user

irCatalog manage business rules

  • Allow multiple users to work on different parts of the business rule base at the same time
  • Access the most current rules during rule authoring and at execution time— without recompiling code
  • Granularly check-out and check-in rules
  • View what changed from one revision of rules to another
  • Promote business rules from one irCatalog® environment to another with no system downtime
  • Share common data structures, business rules and endpoints between rule applications
  • Deploy on-premise or in the Cloud

Secure storage and protection

  • Rollback to previous versions of rules with no system downtime
  • Manage role-based permissions to prevent unauthorized rule changes
  • Authenticate users against irCatalog® credentials or Active Directory (single sign-on)
  • Maintain a record of changes to rules, who made them and when they were made
  • Store rules in SQL Server, Azure SQL database or Oracle

In addition to storing and managing rules, irCatalog is also a great tool for helping distributed teams collaborate. To learn more, download our guide, Four Ways InRule Helps Distributed Teams Collaborate More Effectively 

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