InRule Metrics:
Empowering Enterprises to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Ever-changing regulations, evolving competitive landscapes, and the need to evaluate decisions in real time: These are just a few of the many challenges your organization faces every day. Having a platform that allows you to measure, analyze, and adjust your automated decisions—with transparency and without hard coding—is essential to overcoming these hurdles.

That’s why we created InRule Metrics. A perfect analytical companion for the InRule Decision Platform, InRule Metrics allows you to inspect fields and rules, while the adapter-based model lets you write to various storage targets, making it easy to select and monitor several values in the application.

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Increase Transparency

InRule makes it easy to analyze and compare the impact of automated decisions on your organization. Track field values, execution frequency, evaluated criteria, and results to improve logic and business outcomes. Teams can take actions with confidence to achieve KPIs and maximize business results without sifting through code.

Leverage InRule Metrics to create rule applications that adapt in real time. When specific KPIs are reached, the decision can take a different path, trigger alerts, stop execution, or send a notification to business stakeholders for further action and review.

How InRule Metrics Works

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First, define and select the metrics to be monitored. Then, using InRule’s authoring tool, simply flag fields to track, or tag certain rule types to capture execution frequency.

During execution, the engine will collect the field or rule name and its value—collecting the data so your team can measure the results. And to meet demand for a range of desired logging options, InRule offers an adapter-based model that allows you to write metrics to any location, including Azure Table Storage, SQL Server, and CSV—available in GitHub. Learn more here.

InRule Metrics Storage OptionsMeasure Results

Analyze the data to demonstrate in real time how your business rules are being applied—adjusting your rules as needed, based on a continuous feedback loop.

InRule Metrics GraphsRegardless of where the data comes from for making a decision, InRule Metrics captures the relevant information all in one place.

Improve Your Automated Decisioning

Track virtually any aspect of your organization’s automated decisioning without having to enter the traditional software development lifecycle to do it.

And for even more insights on how InRule Metrics works, check out our data sheet or

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