What is the InRule® Business Rules Engine?

The InRule Business Rules Engine (BRE) is a core component of the decision automation functionality of the InRule platform, which also features explainable AI and digital process automation software. The rules engine executes business rules and logic, bringing consistency and precision to your complex business decisions.

Our decision automation platform centralizes business rules and creates a “single source of truth” for the decisions that power your organization. Logic is no longer hard-coded into applications and spread across the enterprise. Instead, you can author, store and manage logic in a single location – this means faster change cycles, a lower risk for errors and greater transparency into business decisions.

How does the rules engine work?

The business rules engine provides stateless execution of decision logic. For a given decision execution request, input data is sent to the rules engine and a selected rule application executes. When the process is completed, the rules engine returns the output state, which includes the results of the rule execution as well as optional logging information.

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InRule Business Rules Engine

The rules engine includes an implementation via a REST API for greater flexibility. The REST API can accommodate any type of transaction for any authored rule application. When your organization needs to handle larger volumes of transactions, the REST API can scale up to meet the demand – and scale back down if/when demand diminishes.

What about options for integration and decision execution?

Your organization can fulfill requirements for custom integration by taking advantage of our SDK, which is included with our rules engine. The SDK uses either the .NET Framework or .NET Core.

Users can also convert rule applications into executable JavaScript files via our proprietary packaging service. Once packaged, files can be deployed when decision logic needs to execute in a client application or in disconnected mode.

Both the SDK and JavaScript options allow for additional decision logic execution possibilities:

  • Azure Functions
  • Azure App Services
  • AWS Lambda Functions
  • Node.js
  • Containers
  • And more!
Rules Engine Execution Options

The service-based architecture of our rules engine provides extreme flexibility, allowing your enterprise to leverage it in almost any application. You can define decision logic once, save it to the catalog in our BRMS and it can execute wherever and whenever it is needed.

Rules Engine Architecture

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