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Delight customers and improve business outcomes​ by combining process, decision automation and machine learning – without code.

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Making automation accessible is at the heart of everything we do. By simplifying the integration of data science with decision automation, we empower organizations to operationalize AI to deliver better business outcomes. The result? Faster change cycles, more accuracy, and less risk.

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Simplify Decisions
Simplify decision authoring
Centralize Business Decisions
Centralize business decisions
Execute Decisions Anywhere
Execute decisions anywhere: client- or server-side
Integrate Technologies
Integrate with existing technologies

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The InRule® Approach

We empower enterprises to understand and automate decisions with unparalleled speed, agility, accuracy and transparency. Our author-first approach enables both technical and business authors to write and manage decisions and integrate with predictive models – without the need for complex code modifications. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, offline or at the edge, our decision platform allows organizations to run rules anywhere for exceptional flexibility and scalability.

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  • 1 Save Money

    Save Money:

    Less reliance on IT teams
    2 Reduce Risk

    Reduce Risk:

    Gain transparency into decisions
    3 Optimize Decision Changes

    Optimize Decision Changes:

    Keep up with the speed
    of business
    4 Proven


    Trusted by 400 customers in 40 countries for mission-critical business applications
    5 Relentless Support

    Relentless Support:

    We’re always with you

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  • 1 Less Miscommunication

    Less Miscommunication:

    Fewer change cycles
    with the business
    2 Quickly Find Decisions

    Quickly Find Specific Decisions:

    No more sifting
    through code
    3 Reduce Risk

    Reduce Risk:

    Gain transparency into decisions
    4 Dark Scale Up Down

    Deliver Scalability:

    Elastic cloud deployment
    5 Execute Decisions Anywhere

    Execute Anywhere:

    Automate decisions in-process or as a service

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What the experts are saying

At InRule, we’re passionate about helping enterprises increase productivity, grow revenue and enhance customer service – but don’t take our word for it! See what some of our customers have to say about automating mission-critical business decisions with InRule.

"It would have taken a developer 6-9 months to do what we did in 6 weeks using InRule. More significantly, we can make changes on the fly as needed.”
“InRule has made timecomp more efficient and accurate by making it easy for our teams to write and manage rules. It’s been a big win for us.”
“Decision logic examining the number of purchases by a panel member could take 6 weeks to change before, now we can make changes within a day.”



Join us on December 8th for a live webinar and discover the power of transparent and explainable AI. See the first-ever live demo of InRule’s bias detection technology and how it ensures fairness. Register now!

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