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Turning Churn Reduction From Desire to Action With Enhanced Decisioning

For every service provider, every subscription-based business and every other business that depends upon a steady, ongoing revenue stream from monthly payors, churn is their universal bane. Obviously the higher the churn rate, the more pressure on new sales....

What Separates Digital Process Automation from Robotic Process Automation

One technology that often comes to mind when discussing automation as a concept is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Most companies that have invested in automation have implemented RPA to alleviate their coworkers from manual, tedious, and repetitive tasks. Digital...

AI for Telecom, A Very Good Decision

The complexity of satisfying telecom customers demands a technology that delivers the flexibility, insights and comprehensive reach of integrated AI. As a provider of services vital to nearly everyone, the job of optimizing customer data, while seemingly...

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