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Accelerate Decision DevOps with CI/CD

If you’re like many InRule® customers, your AD&D and DevOps teams are investigating or have already adopted a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline approach. Moving to CI/CD has several benefits: Code changes are smaller and easier to...

Batch to the Future…with InRule and Power Automate

While InRule’s integration with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform hasn’t quite reached the notoriety of a customized DeLorean, it continues to expand a functional reach that is intrinsically enabled by these underlying platforms. With the various platform components...

Using User Defined Functions Felicitously

Like many InRule users, my background is in software development. As a result, I often find myself taking whatever means I can to bypass low-code tools: When I need to make changes to a WordPress website, I inevitably become annoyed at the rich text editor and end up...

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