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Accelerate Decision DevOps with CI/CD

by | Jun 16, 2021


If you’re like many InRule® customers, your AD&D and DevOps teams are investigating or have already adopted a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline approach. Moving to CI/CD has several benefits:

  • Code changes are smaller and easier to manage, resulting in fewer unintended consequences.
  • With testing done as soon as code is integrated, developers can identify issues rapidly, increasing overall reliability.
  • Time to resolution is typically shorter because it is easier to detect, isolate and repair faults.
  • Feature delivery velocity is higher and the number of non-critical defects in an organization’s backlog is reduced.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to more frequent feature delivery, bug fixes and an ability to spontaneously respond to feedback.

Leveraging our flexible APIs for irCatalog®, InRule users have been incorporating their decision lifecycles into their evolving DevOps pipelines and processes, as well. This has had the cumulative effect of not only providing acceleration, but also delivering the agility and agency that comes from empowering subject matter experts to author and edit business logic that drives their mission-critical business decisions.

Over the years, we have gathered use cases and feedback from our user community covering co-deployment, automation, team awareness, orchestration/configuration, and multi-channel support for the most common integrations we see.

As a result of our users’ feedback, we introduced our latest platform enhancement – a DevOps extension for irCatalog.

Designed to fit various DevOps scenarios, this catalog extension empowers users to automate many administrative functions, including:

  • Setting up automatic alerts on catalog events using common collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams, or via email
  • Running a battery of tests automatically with auto-promotion on success
  • Generation and publication of JavaScript® (.js)1 or Java (.jar)2 files
  • One-click approval automation

Our focus in developing this extension for irCatalog was to deliver improvements in lifecycle quality and safety while delivering the situational awareness and ease of use that we know is important to our user community.

We have already received great feedback from some of our customers who partnered with us during beta and will continue to further enhance this exciting new feature.

To learn more, please visit GitHub or review this on-demand webinar. Contact our sales and customer success teams to discuss licensing options.


1 Requires InRule for JavaScript license

2 Requires InRule for Java license




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