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Patterns & Practices

Good Beginnings – Achieving Sustainable Automation

Last year, I spoke at Decision Camp about practices that rapidly orient a new team and get them discovering problems in their project--like a compass orienting them toward the North Star. We covered exploring a journey, working through assumptions, stating the problem...

No Values: Much Ado About Nothing

In computer terms, what is nothing, and why should you care? Even for rule authors with a development background, a quick review of how InRule handles “nothing” values can be useful for those occasions when you need to know if you have a value. In this post, I’ll...

Using User Defined Functions Felicitously

Like many InRule users, my background is in software development. As a result, I often find myself taking whatever means I can to bypass low-code tools: When I need to make changes to a WordPress website, I inevitably become annoyed at the rich text editor and end up...

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