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Where is the data epicenter of a decision?

A customer recently described their initial use case for InRule decision automation. At the start of the discussion, the desired implementation included interactions with Snowflake. As the conversation progressed, they expressed an interest in integrating with...

Enterprise JavaScript and Obfuscation: Opportunity and Risk Mitigation

Spoiler alert: this post will not declare all the virtues of the JavaScript language, such as its async programming model, node package management (npm), Node.js, client frameworks, or IDE support. But to quickly define what “enterprise JavaScript” means to me, the...

Updating Rule Applications in Code using irSDK

Warning: As with the previous posts about Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, this post is intended for a technical/developer audience. Background A while back, I started a series about CI/CD with a pair of blog posts that walk through examples of ways to...

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