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What AI Decisioning Offers: Enterprise Architects

by | Dec 14, 2023

As the people responsible for making their organization’s IT systems go and keeping them going, enterprise architects (EAs) must contend with competing demands. EAs must integrate new technologies to remain competitive and support business objectives. At the same time, they must ensure security and defend against overburdening their teams. To achieve these goals, savvy Enterprise Architects are leveraging AI Decisioning. This dynamic automation solution, supported by process automation, delivers key benefits:

Empowered business users– AI decisioning enables business users to author, update and deploy decision logic through business-language, custom vocabularies and without IT assistance. No-code decisioning eliminates time lags to make changes to decision logic, which can number in the thousands. No-code process automation and machine learning, further empower business users to automate workflows and leverage predictive models with minimal IT support.  

Single source of truth –EAs can consolidate disparate data sources without excessive integration hours. AI decisioning offers several ways to connect data silos, including native integration, REST APIs and more. User organizations enjoy the speed, accuracy and efficiency of creating a single source of truth.

Eradication of shadow IT – By connecting systems and data sources and empowering teams to do more, AI decisioning eliminates the need for IT staff to deploy software without the knowledge of the EA. Negating excess software negates further potential security threats.

Greater ability to support corporate goals – AI decisioning empowers EAs to facilitate C-suite goals and respond to changing markets swiftly and consistently across their organizations. Automated decisioning ensures consistent application of decision rules to entice desired customer profiles and achieve organizational objectives, Robust controls enable IT gatekeepers to manage authoring and deployment capabilities by role, team or individual, ensuring directives are executed accurately for best results.

Outcome-based modeling to reduce costs and risks – AI decisioning offers two key product features to better control outcomes, simulation testing and explainability. Enterprise architects can adjust rules and thresholds and simulate the outcomes of each change. Explainability details the why behind every automated decision and prediction, enabling logic authors to trace misaligned outcomes to their source.

Find out more about the advantages AI decisioning offers enterprise architects here.




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