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Top Event Takeaways: 2023 ISM + PHSA Education Conference & Expo

by | Oct 5, 2023

InRule was on hand for the 2023 ISM + PHSA Education Conference & Expo. Held from September 10 through 13 in Kissimmee, FL, the gathering, hosted by Information Technology Solutions Management for Human Services and Public Human Service Attorneys, brought together the brightest minds from public human services agencies, private industry, academia, and community-based organizations.

InRule Technology enjoyed several days at the nationwide gathering and walked away more informed on the market. Below are our three key takeaways from the event:

U.S. states turn to digital transformation in the face of many challenges – Executives at state agencies are struggling to do more with less, as in people and budget, in the face of constantly changing regulations. Government agencies are taking on digital transformation projects as an avenue to increase efficiency while providing more value to their constituents and staff. Modernizing legacy systems with automation technologies provides greater security, adaptive capabilities and enables continued improvement of processes and outcomes, empowering teams of all sizes to do more, faster.

Cautions, but strong interest in AI – While attendees were keenly interested in AI-powered solutions, they stressed the need for human control and thoughtful application of its powerful technologies. Managers of human services agencies have plenty of incentive to move forward with automation as part of their digital transformation. Recent studies indicated that improved digital access would raise the perception of government with 92% of U.S. citizens. Further, the federal government could save upwards of $96 million and 1.2 billion human hours each year. By leveraging human-in-the-loop automation, government agencies can benefit greatly from the powers of AI.

Resistance to technology change remains an issue – While attendees generally see implementing AI and digital transformation as positive and ultimately necessary, there are those who fear programming headaches and disruption to familiar ways of working. Managers wanting to ensure the success of any automation deployment need to address the concerns of those affected. Technology providers who can provide timely and effective professional services stand to gain the most.

To discover how InRule provides value across a range of health and human services programs and empowers teams to deliver more to their communities, check out our solutions page.




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