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2021 InRule User Community Survey Results

by | Jan 27, 2022

In late 2021, InRule Technology conducted its InRule User Community (IUC) survey to better understand the benefits and experience IUC members receive from using the InRule Decision Platform. The results were outstanding, and InRule is proud to share them with a broader audience. The rest of this blog post details the insights we received from our survey.

IUC Survey Snapshot

  • The IUC Survey was conducted via email to 188 companies
  • Respondents represented 21% of the IUC from 10 countries (similar surveys yield a 5-30% response rate)
  • The following was the respondent break-out by industry segment:
    • Insurance (26%)
    • Banking and Financial Services (21%)
    • Government (10%)
    • Professional Services (10%)
    • Retail (10%)
    • Healthcare (5%)
    • Technology (5%)
    • Other (13%)

InRule by the Numbers

InRule Technology aims to help its customers save time and money, reduce risk and grow revenues. This survey, in part, was aimed to uncover how much InRule impacted these metrics.

When asked about total cost savings derived from implementation and maintenance costs, IUC members reported that they realized an average total savings of $1,485,150.

InRule Cost Savings

InRule Cost Savings

We attribute these savings to the continued addition of more features, integration, and deployment options, such as:

IUC members have also experienced increased time savings by leveraging InRule. IUC members stated that IT teams reduced implementation and maintenance efforts for their decision-based applications by 38%, up from 29% in 2019. This represents a time savings of almost two full days each week.

InRule Time Savings

InRule Time Savings

IUC members are not just saving time and money using InRule, they’re also growing revenues. Our 2021 survey revealed that the InRule Decision Platform has helped organizations increase yearly revenues by 5% on average.

As a result, 95% of InRule customers stated that they would recommend InRule to a colleague. Further, 97% of users said that InRule helped them achieve organizational goals.

InRule NPS

InRule NPS

InRule Technology’s vision is to make automation accessible across the enterprise by giving technical and non-technical users the ability to create and manage the decisions and business rules that run their business. This year, nearly half of survey respondents stated that over 60% of their users are not technical. Further, over 50% of the total InRule users continue to be non-technical.

Why do IUC Members use InRule?

At InRule, we believe we must understand both the quantitative and qualitative results that our IUC members experience using our platform. This information helps us understand our user community’s benefits and pain points. Below are the main qualitative results IUC members have experienced and reasons for their continued use of InRule:

  • System flexibility
  • Ability to handle the most complex logic
  • Ease of set-up and deployment
  • Platform stability and performance

We’re thrilled that InRule users experience both positive quantitative and qualitative results through the use of our decision platform.

With plans to further grow and expand the InRule platform and our support for it, we believe these results will only improve for our customers.

If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how InRule helps our customers experience these results, we encourage you to explore our platform via our free trial.


Total savings calculated based on average savings of implementation and maintenance as reported by survey respondents, calculated over a 7-year lifespan, using an 8% discount rate to compensate for the time value of money (TVM).

Survey data is a sample and does not directly reflect the views of the entire user community (population). Statistics are required to make inferences about the entire IUC from this sample.

All claims such as “50% of IUC Members…” are statistical inferences made from the sample data. The tests were performed with a 95% confidence level (a=.05), which means we can be fairly certain the claims are true.




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