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AI for Telecom, A Very Good Decision

by | Sep 12, 2023

The complexity of satisfying telecom customers demands a technology that delivers the flexibility, insights and comprehensive reach of integrated AI. As a provider of services vital to nearly everyone, the job of optimizing customer data, while seemingly insurmountable, is ideal for AI decisioning supported by machine learning and process automation.

Between mobile, internet delivery, old-fashioned landlines and the massive range of content, not to mention device options, geographical and demographic information, the number of unique customer profiles quickly vanishes into outer space. At the same time, such massive data presents a ripe opportunity for savvy telecom providers to decide better, serve customers proactively and pinpoint the value of each customer, in real-time.

Some key advantages integrated AI Decisioning offers telecoms:

Churn prevention – AI decisioning supported with explainable machine learning details the key factors and weights of each variable that might motivate a telecom customer to churn or renew. The user-accessible technology flags customers likely to churn based on all previous customer data. Simple check-box menus enable users to run hundreds of scenarios to zero in on the ideal offer package to win them back.

Seamless provisioning –Once a customer clicks “order,” AI decisioning and process automation take over, automatically routing complete order details to their local sales and service outlets. Whether providing users with a new mobile or landline phone, assigning a phone number or installing equipment and wiring, AI decisioning and process automation are designed to optimize and manage repeatable tasks, providing greater consistency and saving time and transcription errors.

Management of local sales and service resources – As a technology provider that’s also a brick-and-mortar, wheels-on-the-road operation, telecoms can leverage decisioning to build out their e-commerce offerings and lessen new orders for local sales offices stretched thin by eliminating or restricting their promotional offers.

Billing enhancement – Process automation enables telecoms to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the vital job of customer billing all in-house. Integrating process automation into an AI decisioning platform facilitates instant, accurate order information, applies discounts and calculates totals, as well as the opportunity to include targeted promotions for future use based on order history.

Dynamic cost-of-retention calculation – Almost every customer can be retained for a certain period. The magic question for telecoms especially – is it worth offering a discount or service upgrade to a customer who may churn anyway versus riding out their current contract. Just as with churn prevention, powerful decision automation backed by machine learning big-data predictions enables users to effectively determine which customers are truly worth retaining.

Operationalizing business strategy – With in-depth, actionable customer intel in hand, decision automation, backed by predictive ML, gives business leaders the power to deploy it enterprise-wide. Offers can be tailored to entice the most desirable customers and keep them long-term. Leaders can leverage customer insights to plan an expansion of network availability or build storefronts to meet trending demands. To discover the many benefits InRule offers telecoms, read more about InRule’s product offerings.




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