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Good Beginnings – Achieving Sustainable Automation

Last year, I spoke at Decision Camp about practices that rapidly orient a new team and get them discovering problems in their project–like a compass orienting them toward the North…

Automation Teamwork
Chris Berg

InRule Technology® Improves Collaboration and Consensus for Automated Decisions with Support for Decision Model and Notation (DMN)

CHICAGO – InRule Technology®, provider of the leading decision platform for automating mission-critical business decisions, today announced support for Decision Model and NotationTM, a widely adopted standard put forth by…

Renee Wagner

DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions

On-Demand Webinar DMN + InRule: The Picture-Perfect Way to Develop Automated Decisions Decision Model and Notation (DMN) provides a visual representation of the steps and factors involved in automated enterprise…
Renee Wagner

Good Beginnings: Operationalizing Machine Learning Models

Many customers are actively exploring machine learning (ML) and are asking for some simple recipes that can get them going quickly before they make a deeper plunge. That said, here…

Machine Learning
Chris Berg

DecisionCamp 2021

InRule is thrilled to present at DecisionCamp 2021, the annual gathering of Business Rules and Decision Management practitioners with a strong technical background. This year, InRule’s Director of Corporate Development,…

Pete Fudalej - Admin

Good Beginnings: Thinking in Metrics

Looking Up Every project needs a north star. When we kick off a “Discovery Workshop” the first step is to agree what that star looks like. Getting there takes time.…

Chris Berg