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2021 InRule User Community Survey Results

In late 2021, InRule Technology conducted its InRule User Community (IUC) survey to better understand the benefits and experience IUC members receive from using the InRule Decision Platform. The results were…

2021 IUC Survey
Peter Fudalej

You Bot-cha! It’s Easy to Create a Rule-Based ChatBot using Azure Bot Service and InRule

From e-commerce to customer support to marketing, HR and more, a simple Google search makes it clear: chatbots are the future of business. In fact, a search of “bot business”…

Product Management Team

Good Beginnings: Agreeing on the Problem

Not all business problems are obvious to everyone on the team. Agreeing on problem priority is equally troublesome. Decision management begins with people talking to each other about what’s important.…

Chris Berg

InRule CEO Rik Chomko’s Observations from the 2018 SaaStr Conference

I love going to conferences. Most of the time, they are amazing events for a meeting of the minds on a similar set of topics that everyone in attendance is…

Rik Chomko

IUC Survey Results 2017

In August 2017, InRule conducted its InRule User Community (IUC) survey to better understand who makes up the IUC and what benefits members receive from implementing InRule. The results were…

Peter Fudalej

The Telephone Isn’t Dead, It’s a Classic

Remember the days when you were excited about the phone ringing? When who was calling you was a heart rate-boosting mystery until they said hello? I remember those days. When…

Heather Hume